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Red arrows in big nine formation for BBC documentary called . The moment of truth The red arrows in close formation flying down the runway at RAF Kemble. The red arrows very close formation over England. The red arrows at the top of the loop.
Red arrows gnats in a dive coming off the top of the loop. Red arrows gnats coming up to the top of a loop. RAF Red arrows gnats at 5 G. Red arrows gnats climbing for a loop will stop
RAF Hawk inverted over Wales. Hawker Siddeley Hunter in Oman high over the desert. English Electric lightning from RAF Binbrook in the steep climb. HMS Ark Royal with Buccaneer just taking off.
My first trip in the lightning from RAF Binbrook. RAF GR3 Harriers from No1 Squadron in northern Norway. Royal Navy Sea Harrier in a tight turn with wing tip streamers. RAF Harrier firing rockets.
Jaguar aircraft flying across the desert 2 RAF Phantom's flying above the clouds. RAF Jaguar of no 6 Squadron in a 3G turn. Royal Navy Phantom taking off from HMS Ark Royal.
RAF F4 Phantoms flying over Fylingdales. Panavia Tornado F3 prototype on test flight. Panavia Tornado prototype flying over Wales. Panavia Tornado prototype at Bae Warton.
Self-portrait in the backseat of an RAF Tornado for recruitment advertising. Sharks Royal Navy helicopter display team. RAF Tornado in turn with wings swept. Royal Navy Wessex helicopters in northern Norway on military exercise.
Wing Commander Wallace flying his autogyro. Close head-on shot of Mustang P 51 above cloud for Smirnoff vodka. Airbus A 320 landing at Toulouse airport. Marlborough aerobatics team aircraft in a nosedive.
Airbus A340 flying over France. Black and white shot of Airbus A320 landing at Toulouse. Airbus A340 and dusk. Airbus A340 flying above the clouds.
747 jumbo jet at high altitude with contrails. Ash 25 glider over mid Wales. Concord at high altitude. Ash 25 glider in cloud shot from wing tip.
Ash 25 glider waves soaring. Mike Hazelwood waterskiing world champion. The flying trapeze Trapeze artist in white face make up.
Black horse galloping on a beach. A circus horse before the show. Grasmere in the Lake District on a bright morning. Horses training for the Derby
Black horse galloping on a beach in sepia. Holidaymakers on the beach at Newquay Cornwall. After the forest fire North Devon tidal mud
Aerial view of Sandpoint on the North Devon coast in winter. Small green fields of a smallholding in Northern Ireland for postage stamp. The North Devon coast in winter with crops starting to grow. Luskentyre, South Harris.
Felixstowe docks from the air. Interesting sand bar off the coast of Northern Ireland Set at 10 first-class postage stamps on the British coast. Glendurgan maze in Cornwall.
Aerial view of Studland Bay. Loch Shawbost in South Harris Outer Hebrides. HMS Broadsword guided missile destroyer on manoeuvres in the Western Approaches HMS Sheffield on exercise.
Trawlers and fishing boats in Grimsby docks early in the morning RAF Regiment on exercise in Germany using smoke grenades. Glaziers in northern Norway with the M and A W cadre of 45 commando Royal Marines. Troops fighting in the desert.
Royal Marines 45 commando Arctic warfare cardre. Rigid raiders in Norway with Royal Marines 45 commando. Mountain and Arctic warfare cadre on training in northern Norway Off shore power boat.
Lotus JPS. Formula One car at Paul Ricard with Elio de Angelis. Renault Formula One car with René Arnoux at Paul Ricard. Formula One racing car at the Paul Ricard racing circuit with Renault and Rene Arnoux. Fire Blade 900 in Spain.
Kawasaki ZZR 1100 in Spain. Indian Pacific train in Nullarbor plain in Australia. Frog jumping in the rain in Malaysia. Eurostar approaching the Channel Tunnel.
Mike Hazelwood waterski world champion very close. Millennium postage stamp of satellite farming. Butterfly catcher in Bali with paddy fields. British Airways TV commercial.
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